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2029 Online


2029 Online is, obviously, an online MMORPG featuring “dark and intense gameplay” that is “not just about killing, but about fame and faith.” Set on a war-stricken alien planet called Helen Continent, the game centers around an ongoing battle between…
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Incognito: Episode One


Incognito: Episode One is the first video game created by Canadian company Magrathean Technologies. Magrathean typically works with web and Second Life development, API construction and other fancy stuff. With Incognito, they sought to combine multiple gaming genres, incorporating elements…
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We’ve all played your basic match-three puzzle game before. In a world full of Snood, Bejeweled and Hexic copycats, the puzzle genre suffers from a lack of cleverness. Often these big name publishers forget to capitalize on what truly makes…
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