Yes, we’re back with more stuff to give to you! This week we’ve got the Thermaltake V9 Black Edition Gaming Case and five 8 gig USB drives from the Novelty USB Round-up! Read on to learn what you need to do to get any of these prizes…

First up, I want linkage! Link to this contest from Twitter and/or from your blog if you’ve got one, or even let other people know about the contest on forums or other sites you visit… don’t spam though please, that’s just rude… The idea is to let other people know about the contest and give them a chance to win as well…

Linking isn’t a requirement, but for those that do link via Twitter or their blog I’ve got a separate prize just for you, a 2gig Monkey USB Drive.


Then just tell me what you want in the comments section below, not hard to do, and if you link to it please provide the link and make sure to follow us on Twitter.

The USB Drives up for grabs are all 8 gigs in capacity from the USB Novelty Round-up I did recently, and they’re all food! Watermelon, Strawberry, Pizza, Cookie and a Hamburger.

DSCF7858 DSCF7859 DSCF7861 DSCF7866 DSCF7867

Anybody can win these no matter where you are in the World!

Next up is the Thermaltake V9 Black Edition Gaming Case that I just reviewed…


You can check out my review HERE to learn more about it, but it’s a very nice case.

The V9 case is only for United States residents ONLY due to shipping costs…


Good Luck!