Ok, so we’ve picked the winners, but there’s one small problem… apparently you guys can’t follow directions… a lot of you didn’t mention what phone you might need or want, so those really didn’t count as we don’t know what you want to win.

So that means I’ve got winners for all of the phones except for the Samsung HighNote for Sprint.

So that’s a problem, I’m guessing we’ll just run another contest to give that one away, unless someone can tell me who entered for the Sprint phone?!

So read on to see who won.

The following people are the winners with their comments, you guys have until the end of the month, March 31st, to contact me at with your shipping information so I can send your prize to you.


Verizon -Samsung Renown
Winner:  Steven Stone

19/02 – 2009 at 20:34
I’d like to win a phone because I’m tired of replacing my wife’s phone when it falls into the toilet. I’ve tried to get her holsters and holders so her phone will stay attached to her belt when she sits down, but OH NO, she has to put it in her pants pocket. Every couple of months It takes a dive in the drink. Even my 14-year old’s phone lasts longer.

We use Verizon because it’s the only service that we can get up here in the foothills of Colorado that actually works. One of the places we get the best reception is, you guessed it, on the porcelain throne.

I’ve been using the same Samsung phone for two years now. It’s simple to use and I like that. It even takes my voice commands the first time. Her current phone is a Samsung as well – she’s memorized the settings and trying to get her to use anything else is pretty hopeless…

So I’d like to win the phone. Heck, I’ll even declare it on my taxes…

AT&T Samsung Propel 
Winner: Chelsea Daigle

27/02 – 2009 at 21:25
I need a new phone mostly because my six month old uses my current one as a chew toy. He also drops it on the floor a lot. It would be nice to let him keep mine as a toy (since I can now barely hear my phone calls) and let mommy receive a brand new one. I’m not eligible for an upgrade at AT&T for about another year and a half, so I will definitely need one before that time comes. It would be great to not have to pay for a new cell phone. Times are tough. My fiance and I are about to start making payments on a car and we are already living off of the government in some ways. It makes me feel really bad asking for a hand out, but sometimes you just have to set your pride aside. I’m not picky about which phone I receive. I’ll even switch providers if I have to. My fiance is with Verizon, so maybe I’ll switch. Since I am currently with AT&T, I suppose that would put me in the category to receive one of the two phones from them. They’re both a lot nicer than anything I could ever afford so I would be ecstatic if I won. My current phone was a $20 upgrade, so not as snazzy as there phones. Please save me from the phone calls that sound like they’re coming from underwater and losing my signal constantly. Mama needs a new phone! Thanks for the chance.

AT&T Pantech Matrix 
Winner: Nicole

15/03 – 2009 at 8:10
IT MAY BE A LITTLE BORING BUT IT WAS 3:00 a.m central time LOL!!! DiDnt want to wake the parents!!!


and we also have the winners of the bloggers who posted about our contest:

Pandigital 8" Digital Photo Frame
Winner: Baba

mStation 2.1 Stereo Orb iPod Dock Speaker System
Winner: Keonte’


Again, you guys and girls have until March 31st to get me your shipping info.