The rumors about the Apple iPhone have been around for a long time now and it’s almost exploding these last days with the recent writings in Gizmodo. Kevin Rose outed the functions in an episode of Diggnation and everybody is jumping on the bandwagon to write something about the new phone from Apple.

With all the expectation building up in the community I can’t see how Apple is going to deliver something that will exceed all our expectations. I for one am sure I will be disappointed but please Apple prove me wrong. I have had three cell phones in the last four months or so and they have all been good in their own way but they have all had their flaws. Will the iPhone have a better camera than the SE K800i? Will the iPhone have a better screen and smart phone abilities than the Nokia N73? Will the iPhone be slimmer than the Samsung D900? IF Apple could deliver something better in all those categories (plus the obvious music playing abilities) they will have the killer product. But most likely they will excel when it comes to music but be rather mediocre when it comes to the rest.

I just hope that they will launch it soon enough so that I can stop reading about the latest rumors and start using it instead, because there is no doubt I will buy it.