I’ve always wanted a pair of these glasses, I tried to get them for review but never heard from them after I contacted them. Oh well, maybe now is the time to buy a pair for myself, they’ve got some decent deals going on Black Friday and next week as well.

COD20white angle thumb Gunnar Optiks Black Friday Deals and More


GUNNAR Optiks® today revealed a lineup of discounted computer and gaming eyewear for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A full listing of the deals may be viewed at www.gunnars.com/cyberweek.

Black Friday Weekend Deal
Limited edition Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 gaming eyewear, available at Best Buy stores and in GUNNAR’s online store, discounted from $99 to $79.

Cyber Week Deals
Gaming Eyewear
• Paralex Onyx: $55.30 (MSRP $79.00)
• SteelSeries Scope: $69.30 (MSRP $99.00)
• MLG Legend Onyx: $69.30 (MSRP $99.00)

Computer Eyewear
• Anime Graphite: $69.30 (MSRP $99.00)
• Emissary Onyx: $55.30 (MSRP $79.00)
• Groove Onyx: $69.30 (MSRP $99.00)
• Phenom Graphite: $69.30 (MSRP $99.00)
• Rocket Onyx: $55.30 (MSRP $79.00)
• Sheadog Mercury: $55.30 (MSRP $79.00)

Outdoor Eyewear
• Cortez Snow-Mercury: $104.30 (MSRP $149.00)
• Titan Chrome Gold: $69.30 (MSRP $99.00)
• Titan Onyx Grey: $69.30 (MSRP $99.00)

cyberweek thumb Gunnar Optiks Black Friday Deals and More


To learn more about computer vision syndrome and the benefits of GUNNAR Optiks computer and gaming eyewear, please visit the official website: www.gunnars.com.