We haven’t been that active in the blog, sorry for that. I thought it was time for a short update on what’s going on. First of all we have launched a bunch of new categories since December.

Home Theater Systems

LCD Monitors

Multi Functional Printers

Nintendo Wii Games

PlayStation 2 Games

PlayStation 3 Games
Xbox 360 Games

So a lot of games, which is fun. We just got a Wii to the office the other week and and we are still trying to decide who is the best tennis player. In the comming weeks you will get some more games, such as: Gameboy Advance Games, Gamecube Games, Nintendo DS Games, PC GamesPSP Games and of course Xbox Games.

When it comes to functions on the site there is a lot going on behind the scenes that will come out in the next months. Last week we added Wiki functionality to the site which is really cool. We have a few users trying this out now and we will push it out next week or the week after pending any changes that has to be made.


With the Wiki functions we have also added a a cool ajax login / register function that you will see soon. The wiki-editing will be directly on the page which makes it really fast and easy to use.

Besides more categories you will get new filters and product specifications shortly and one or two other functions.

If you have any suggestions or ideas please send me an e-mail at info ( at ) testfreaks . com