When it comes to gadgets and Christmas I believe boys will always be boys. I like gadgets as much today as I always have and maybe even more today. The gadgets and toys I had as a youngster pales in comparison to what I can buy today but some of them might be too expensive for my wallet, don’t get me wrong I love expansive gadgets ;). That’s why it’s compelling when I find something that is inexpensive and so fun you think you are five years old again.

During our Sunday brunch we were four guys around thirty, at least that’s what our drivers’ license said, playing around with four micro rc-controlled helicopters. I can’t remember when I had so much fun lately and trust me when we got the remote controls in our hands we were five years old again.

So we got our Christmas gift a little early this year and we had to pay $30 for it but we will enjoy it well over Christmas and beyond.

Pico Z

Picco Z