Hello World! So, what’s going on with us.. Gizmodo and Engadget linked us for my USB Novelty Roundup, that was very cool. We’ve got a bunch of articles in the works, and of course many reviews of games and products. I’ve got the Cirago CMC1000 media center that I’ve been playing with for the last couple days, along with the three netbooks I’ve got as well, but the Cirago is rather nice, it features both ethernet and wireless network connections, along with for 1080p HD, and it’s even a DVR. It’s probably going to replace my aging Mvix 4000U box.. but anyway, check out the news from our friends:

Title:  Thermaltake V1 AX CPU Cooler
URL:  http://www.bigbruin.com/content/ttv1ax_1

Subject: EVGA X58 SLI LE Motherboard Review @ Ninjalane
URL: http://www.ninjalane.com/reviews/motherboards/evga_x58_le

We have posted a new article, ‘ASUS Crosshair III Formula’
The Article can be viewed at

TITLE: Gunnar Optiks Glasses @ LanOC Reviews

ARTICLE URL: http://lanoc.org/reviews/gunnar-optiks-glasses/

TITLE: IcyDock MB882SP-1S-1B @ LanOC Reviews

ARTICLE URL: http://lanoc.org/reviews/icydock-mb882sp-1s-1b/

TITLE: Plextor PX-610U @ LanOC Reviews

ARTICLE URL: http://lanoc.org/reviews/plextor-px-610u/

OCIA.net has posted their review of 2x OCZ Vertex 30 GB Solid State Drives in RAID 0. 

Direct Link:  http://www.ocia.net/reviews/vertexraid/page1.shtml

TRENDnet TPE-S44, TPE-112GS and TPE-111GI Power over Ethernet

For more information, please visit - http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/2815/trendnet_tpe_s44_tpe_112gs_and_tpe_111gi_power_over_ethernet/index.html

Subject: Thermaltake Litepower 450Watt Power Supply Review @ Ninjalane
URL: http://www.ninjalane.com/reviews/power_supply/litepower450

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