Our new site, testfreaks, will have a lot of reviews, tests and user comments. The aggregating and structuring of this information will take a lot of our time. Therefore we have decided to outsource these parts to a company that’s situated in a country with cheaper labour than Sweden.

Since we didn’t have any idea about the market for outsourcing, we looked in India, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary and Brazil for a suitable partner. We wanted a small company with dedicated employees and good knowledge in scripting languages. And since the site is about consumer electronics we needed people with knowledge in that area as well. I e-mailed thirteen companies and eight of them answered that they could deliver what we needed. I took the next contact through phone, since it’s faster and easier to describe in more detail what we were looking for. It also gave me a chance to evaluate the other persons knowledge in our area.

Out of the eight companies, six of them came back with a quotation based on my requirements. Two of the six companies, one company based in Ukraine and one in India, could deliver what we needed for a price we were willing to pay. We are now working together with the Ukrainians in order to test them.

I will report more about the collaboration and our progress later.