The first thing we notice is that the player has the official Blu-Ray logo, but lacks the HD-DVD logo. That means that all the talk about DVD Forum not approving the Player as HD-DVD player seems to be right. I wonder if there will be more manufacturing following with dual formats, or will one of them win the trone. Do you remember the fight between Betamax and VHS? And Sony didn’t want the porn industry distributing there films on the Betamax, and VHS won the war. Sony has once again told there subcontracter that they will lose there license if they distribute porn in Blu-Ray discs. That means the war could be over for this time, and HD-DVD stands as winner.

According to Robby D, a director at Digital Playground Inc, they will from now on only choose HD-DVD to distribute there adult movies on.

A picture of the LG BH-100 HD-DVD/Blu-Ray player

LG BH-100