I’m working with the technical development of Testfreaks. An early big technical decision will be what technology and programming language to use. We have a lot of Java experience in the team, from PriceRunner and elsewhere, but would like to use a dynamic language for Testfreaks, and have narrowed the field down to two options: Python or Ruby.

Some of our requirements are:

  • ability to maintain high developer productivity
  • good support for internationalization and localization
  • easy recruitment, inside and outside Sweden
  • some parts of the system will need to process large data volumes, so performance is important, as is support for distributed processing and storage
  • of course, a good web framework (Turbogears, Pylons, Django, Ruby on Rails, Nitro)
  • access to high-quality, third-party libraries
  • development tools, emacs support

We will make the final decision in March, and will evaluate the two languages over the next few weeks.

So, what do you think? What’s your favorite? Any ideas on how we should evaluate them?