Something had to change, I have really never understood why Apple ships their excellent music players with subpar headphones/headsets. So I have tried out a pair of Sennheiser MM 50 iPhone for a couple of days now and needless to say, its a big step up from what Apple offers with the iPhone. What hit me first was how close the mic is to my mouth, at first as saw this as a bit negative but after using it now it is really a benefit. Previously I could have the mic down in my jacket and people I spoke to on the phone didn’t here me that great all the time.

The package form Sennheiser contains three sizes of ear-buds so all of you with Small, Medium or Large ears should be satisfied.

Short Specs:
Frequency response: 18 – 22, 000 Hz
Impedance: 16 Ohm
SPL (1kHz, 1Vrms): 106 dB
Frequency response: 80 – 15,000 Hz
Pick-up pattern: omnidirectional
Impedance: 2,2 K Ohm
Sensitivity: -44 dB v / Pa

The dirty details
Every morning I put my iPhone in my pocket and take a short 15 minutes walk down to the TestFreaks office. The walk is next to a busy road with a lot of construction work and I have always had maximum volume turned on and even so at times I have a hard time hearing the music or my favourite podcasts. Yesterday morning everything changed, I was in my own little world were the only thing I heard was the sweet sound of Coldplay, Radiohead and a little Bob Marley.
The sound isolation is  the best I have heard from in-ear headphones so far.

For the first day I had the equalizer settings off on my iPhone to try and get the feeling of how the MM 50 iPhone really sounds before getting into changing the settings. The sound from the headphones is what I would categorize as easy listening, they behave nicely to most music I have listened to. I remember my Shure E2C which sounded great for high quality recordings with high bitrate but not so with the low bitrate music and poor recording quality. MM 50 gives all music equal value and I know if you are a purist you are probably going to say the lay it on a bit thick, and yes they do but I like it. I prefer easy listening when I listen to music on the fly I am not looking for the pure Hifi experience. When listening to Mötley Crüe  playing  “Too Fast For Love” with the MM 50 it’s easy to hear all the instruments and the guitar sounds brutal and alive, just like I want it to do. The base is very present and at times a bit heavy but in the end my bet is that this is what most listeners prefer when listening to their iPods, I do anyways.

So today I mixed around a bit with the equalizer and I always seems to go for the “Rock” setting on my iPhone. In short it gives the music I listen to most a bit more push at both ends, I think this will be the setting I’m going to use from this day forward.

Final thoughts
All in all the sounds quality is pretty good, it’s not the best there is but value for money they are great. What’s lacking in my opinion is a crispier top range, the rated frequency response looks great but there is always a big difference in reality. Now its time for me to take a short 15 minute walk home and listen to some Bob Dylan. In conclusion I would recommend these headphones to anyone who are looking for an upgrade of what Apple is offering out the box. It will make your iPhone come to live in a new way and listening to music will be more fun then before.

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