One problem with outsourcing is how to instruct and train your outsourced personnel. We are hoping that one of many solutions is video tutorials. We are bringing in new outsourced manpower from Ukraine and we want to speed up the process of learning for them, and it’s so much easier for them to learn if we can show them what we mean.

The second reason is that we are constantly changing and developing our new backend system and we need an easy way to show new functions instead of just describing them with words.

On Wikipedia we found an open source program called CamStudio that works great. With this we can easily make comments in comic book style bubbles. After the screen recording I add sound to it with Windows movie maker. The reason for adding sound in movie maker instead of the built in function in CamStudio is the timeline that I get in movie maker, that makes it possible to move and change the sound. In CamStudio you only get one chance to add sound to the correct screen.