Our aim with TestFreaks is of course to build a bigger and better site than we have done before. Today we are offering you to be our co-developers in building the best consumer guide on the Internet. Our development team has started the discussion about choosing the development platform. You will be able to follow our discussion and help us decide. As of today we are also launching our pre launch forum where we want you to take part in the development process. In the forum we will discuss everything from form to functions to specific web development problems we come across. So as long as you love consumer electronics and great Internet sites you are welcome to join our development process and help us build tomorrow’s consumer guide.

What will TestFreaks deliver?

TestFreaks will aggregate a large number of reviews, but also discussions from different forums and get the opinions of important bloggers. In the middle of all this information we will put our future TestFreaks users as the most important part in building TestFreaks. In short this is what we hope TestFreaks will deliver:

  • The largest product and review database with reviews from all around the world
  • Wiki based information
  • Social interaction with forums and user home pages
  • Members will gain trust over time based on their actions and advice
  • Advanced search and recommendation function
  • Video reviews
  • A growing number of categories

Do you want to try all this out before everybody else? Register in our forum and help us build TestFreaks and some of our most active members will soon be invited to our nightly test server were you will be able to try out new functions before everyone else Join our forum and let’s get started!

Best regards,

The TestFreaks Team