Some more MLB 2k11 stuff for you, specifically screen shots and Dev Diary.

2K Sports’ latest ‘Dev Diary’ for Major League Baseball 2K11 – “Pitching and Hitting”. In this post, Gameplay Designer Sean Bailey discusses the mechanics of different hit types and swings, as well as updated camera angles that gives the presentation a more realistic feel. On the pitching side, the Dev Diary also explains a pitcher’s delivery to the strike zone, and control factors that play into your pitch count.


cargoplate2 cargoswing crawfordswing Halladay_pitchbreakdown lincecum_pitchbreakdown lincecum_playercard lincecum_splitchange maxpitchvsuribe pitchcount PitcherControlSlider tuloplate vottoplate vottoswing 

To read the full post, head over here to read the full diary: