I’ve always liked these little pocket style projectors, I have the original AAXA myself, not that I actually use it much, but it comes in handy at times. The MP180 features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth along with an integrated MP3 player and 4 gigs of memory built-in with a microSD slot for expansion and even USB. The MP160 is more of a basic model though. Both of them features stereo speakers and audio output so you can use headphones or hook them up to a larger sound system. They both also have an integrated stand, come with a tripod and all the cables you’ll need out of the box.

The 3M MP160 and 3M MP180 offer 30 lumens of brightness, an unprecedented, full, two-hour battery life and SVGA resolution, making it easy for business professionals to share presentations, video and more virtually anywhere.

3m1 thumb 3M Introduces Two New Pocket Projectors

The MP160 and MP180 are now available for pre-order from shop3M.com and amazon.com. Orders will begin shipping in early October. The MP180 has an estimated price of $399 and MP160 has an estimated price of $349. Optional accessories for all 3M pocket projectors are sold separately.

This company’s web site http://www.3M.com/