Umm, bowties? I’m guessing bowties are coming back in style now because of Dr Who, I don’t see any other reason to have a bowtie case for your iPhone 5 really?! So Case Scenario has just launched the Alexis Mabille Bowtie iPhone 5 case collection and it’s just what it sounds like, a case with a bowtie on it. Rather simplistic, but here, if you like bowties they’ve got you and your phone covered…


Alexis Mabille Bowtie Collection high res thumb Alexis Mabille Bowtie Case Collection Now Available for iPhone 5


The Case Scenario Alexis Mabille Bowtie iPhone 5 case collection, now available, reinvents your style with a fashion-forward, protective case. Incorporating the timeless bowtie on a high-tech device is the best way to mix past and present on a functional and stylish electronic accessory.

The Alexis Mabille one piece, hard, clip-on case protects the iPhone 5 and allows easy access to all ports and camera on the device without compromising its refined, couture touch – a nod at tradition.

The Alexis Mabille Bowtie iPhone 5 cases are available in two sleek colors – pink on white and blue on yellow – for $35 at Maison 24.