By power packed I mean power for your phones! Bike2Power just announced two new products, the first one is the BikeConsole Power Plus which is a waterproof and shockproof mount for the iPhone 4 or 4S and for the Galaxy S3 and S4. The mount also includes a battery that should come close to doubling the life of your phone. The second product is the Bike2Power which is a simply a rechargeable battery pack that attaches to your bike so you can have power on the go. Full details and prices below for you…

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Bike2Power: BikeConsole Power Plus for iPhone 4/4S and Galaxy S3/S4
A rechargeable waterproof/shock-protected smartphone mount for cyclists

BikeConsole Power Plus is a fully weatherproof and shock-protected mount with a rechargeable battery that nearly doubles the run time of your smartphone

Power Plus is also a heavy-duty cycling mount, sealed against rain, snow, dust, and dirt

The tough, engineered -plastic case provides protection against any falls or impacts incurred during a bike ride

The phone is fully accessible inside the case – touch screen, cameras, wake/sleep and home buttons – and includes a port for charger and phone jacks

The iPhone version uses Apple Lightning Connector for 100% compatibility

Can be mounted to any type of slender bar such as on a bicycle, stroller, scooter or other such device

Available at:
$69.95 – $79.95


image006 thumb Bike2Power Intros New Power Packed Cycling Accessories

Bike2Power: Rechargeable Bicycle Power Battery Pack
The largest bicycle-mounted portable battery back and all-in-one phone protection solution for cyclists

BikeCharge Power Pack can take any smartphone from flat zero to 90%-100% charged

It more than doubles the battery use of iPhones, Galaxy and other smartphones

It provides protection against falls and impact, and weather-sealed against rain, snow, dust, and dirt

It can be mounted to any bicycle tube, or kept in you saddle bag or your pocket

It is also the only bike-mounted solution capable of recharging tablet PCs, iPads, and GPS units

Light on your bike, this weighs less than 5 oz. and has 360 degree rotation

Available at: