So I’m sure you’ve seen keyboard with LEDs in them, but have you seen one with RGB LEDs? Corsair has announced the MX RGB Project which is a mechanical gaming keyboard with 16.8 million colors for backlighting which is amazing in itself I think. The keyboard is based off the Vengeance K70 and uses new Cherry MX RGB key switches.  Some details and pictures below for you along with a link to a video…

Corsair - Cherry MX RGB - 8 Corsair - Cherry MX RGB - 9 Corsair - Cherry MX RGB - 6 Corsair - Cherry MX RGB - 5 

In the second half of 2014, Corsair will bring the concept to life by launching the world’s first Cherry MX RGB-based gaming keyboards. The new keyboards promise to give gamers all of the precision, feel, and reliability of Cherry MX-based Corsair gaming keyboards enhanced with new personalization and gaming customization provided by nearly limitless per-key lighting combinations. The new keyboards will be available in several Cherry switch types: super-fast Cherry MX Red, the light tactile feedback of Cherry MX Brown, or the tactile and audible feedback provided by Cherry MX Blue.

Promo video can be viewed here: