Square Enix has announced that the FINAL FANTASY XI ULTIMATE COLLECTION is now available for download via popular digital content distribution site STEAM. In addition to the award-winning original game, the FINAL FANTASY XI ULTIMATE COLLECTION includes all four expansion packs (Rise of the ZilarT, Chains of Promathia, TreasureS of Aht Urhgan and Wings of the Goddess) as well as the three add-on scenarios released this year (“A Crystalline Prophecy – Ode of Life Bestowing,” “A Moogle Kupo d’Etat – Evil in Small Doses” and the recently released “A Shantotto Ascension – The Legend Torn, Her Empire Born”). This new entry to the FINAL FANTASY XI catalog is the ideal addition to any fan’s library, as well as the perfect entry point for newcomers to the immersive world of Vana’diel.

Available now and priced at $19.99, fans can enjoy holiday cheer a little early with FINAL FANTASY XI ULTIMATE COLLECTION!