Good morning. I hope you remembered to set your clock back last night as it is that time of the  year again. Let’s start the week off with a free game for you iOS users. The game is called Ghostie and in it you’re a ghost who has to make it though the levels by dodging, leaping and avoiding the things in your path.

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Resting in peace is hard work! For Ghostie, it’s one thing after another – literally – as he dodges obstacles, leaps over pitfalls and avoids other spooky surprises on his path. Customize your Ghostie and help him safely cross to the other side of each hauntingly addictive level. And frequent updates will provide new challenges, obstacles and surprises sure to keep your spirits up! It’s the most fun you can have without a pulse.

Here is where to download it in the App Store:

Here is a link to the Ghostie trailer on Youtube (about 1000 hits since our release!):