Today for review I’ve got my first phone for the T-Mobile network from Samsung called the Gravity T. The ‘T’ in the name stands for Touch, as in touch screen. This new phone from Samsung is sort of small but it’s slider that opens to reveal a full qwerty keyboard to make messaging and any other text entry that much easier. I’m very fond of phones with hardware keyboards, I just like them and the one on the Gravity T is excellent and easy to use. This is my first phone on the T-Mobile network and I’m impressed overall, I hate no problems with it, everywhere I went I had a signal. The screen on this phone is fairly big, and rotating it to landscape mode allows for nice a nice web browsing experience. The Gravity T features panels like you might find on an Android phone, and it also uses widgets which you can add or remove to the screens so you can customize it the way you want. The Gravity Touch is a decent phone, so read on to learn more about it..

We’ll start this off with the video unboxing:

Not much comes with the phone, just a battery and charger, and normally some documentation.

gravityt2 gravityt3 gravityt1

Here’s the phone itself:

gravityt4 gravityt5

When held in portrait mode there are three buttons on the bottom for call, menu and end call.


Turning it to landscape mode you can slide it to reveal the keyboard. The keyboard is actually very nice to work with, the keys are surprisingly large.

gravityt6 gravityt8 gravityt10 gravityt9

On the back you’ll find the 2mp camera.

gravityt11 gravityt12

Removing the cover is where the battery goes of course, but the sim card goes there and you’ll find  the space for the microSD card as well.

gravityt15 gravityt16 gravityt17

There’s not many buttons on the Gravity T, just volume, camera, and lock. There’s also a USB port behind the door.

gravityt13 gravityt14


Gravity Touch SGH-t669

On the one hand, the Samsung Gravity T is a premium touchscreen phone. In the same hand, it’s also a powerful messaging phone with slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Equally stylish and affordable, it gives you a full suite of messaging features, 2MP camera, email synchronization and customizable web widgets, not to mention a world of other features.

multiple messaging options
Are you a texter or an IMer? The slide-out QWERTY keyboard makes it super easy to be both. Perhaps you’re a workaholic constantly checking corporate email or a social butterfly always checking Facebook and Twitter? Exchange email lets you work away from the office and the Social Networking Service feature lets you update your status with ease.

customization options through pre-loaded widgets
The Samsung Gravity T comes with three scrollable workspaces and an expanded menu for widgets. Drag and drop widgets to organize them however you see fit. Some of the pre-loaded apps include YouTube, Google Maps and Assisted GPS. Meaning you can use the time you save not getting lost to watch viral videos.

multimedia package
Into music? Love taking pictures? The Gravity T has you down to a T, with a built-in MP3 player and 2MP camera/camcorder with flash and 3x zoom. The expandable memory slot lets you add up to 16GB of memory to store all your pics, songs and videos. We’re talking days and days worth.

full HTML browser
Hit the Web with the full HTML browser for everything from sports scores to weather reports to web videos. The one-finger zoom feature lets you quickly magnify what you want to view while the ad blocker does away with the ads you don’t want to see.

easy-to-use full touchscreen slider
With its resistive 2.8″ touchscreen, you can use either a stylus or your finger to navigate the TouchWiz 2.0 interface. There’s also a Command bar for fast access to your top five apps. The new smart unlock feature reassures with increased security and etiquette mode enables you to quickly silence your phones’ ring next time it goes off in a meeting.

Weight: 4.23 ounces
Dimension (HXWXD): 4.29″ X 2.23″ X .59″

Display: 262k color TFT
Resolution: 240 x 320 pixels

Talk time: up to 6 hours
Standby: up to 400 hours

User Interface: Full QWERTY Keyboard

Camera Resolution: 2.0 Megapixel camera
Digital / Optical Zoom: 3x zoom

Suggested retail    $219.99
Instant discount    -$70.00
Mail-in rebate card    -$75.00
Final price: $74.99

When you turn the phone on and it’s locked you’ll find something interesting, a gesture based interface.


The home screen actually slides to the left and right , similar to other phone out there.  On the left side of the screen is a bar that can pop out with widgets on it, you can take these widgets and move them onto the screens.

gravityt20 gravityt21 gravityt22 gravityt23 gravityt24 gravityt25 gravityt44

You can also access the widgets through the menu and select them from there.

gravityt35 gravityt36 gravityt37 gravityt38 gravityt39 gravityt40 gravityt41 gravityt42

Hitting the menu button open the menu of course with three screens almost full of icons to access more features of the Gravity T.

gravityt26 gravityt27 gravityt28

Under applications you’ll find the usual suspects like alarm, games, memo, calculator, world clock and stopwatch, among others.

gravityt46 gravityt47 gravityt48 gravityt45

There’s actually several games on the Gravity T:

gravityt49 gravityt50 gravityt51

The Gravity Touch works great for web browsing, you can zoom  and easily browse the web. The network seems very fast, there were no problems there at all.

gravityt31 gravityt32 gravityt33 gravityt52

The screen is nice and colorful, it’s not very high resolution, but it’s fine for what it is and I think people will be happy with it.

The phone itself is fine, I made a couple calls with it, and I had a lot made to me actually, apparently the number I was assigned was someone else’s at one time so I got a few phone calls. The people I did talk to had no problems hearing me and I heard them just fine. The signal strength was full bars, no matter how I held the phone…


Well we’ll take a look at the camera now, it’s got a lot of features but it doesn’t exactly take good pictures.

As far as battery life, I got the rated times with no issues. Six hours is pretty good for talk/usage time, and there’s about 400 hours of standby time.

On the camera screen you’ll find two menus bars on the right or left and the zoom bar at the bottom, all three of these will disappear from the screen in a few seconds to allow for better viewing though.

gravityt53 gravityt54 gravityt55 gravityt56

Under settings you’ll find minimal adjustments.

gravityt57 gravityt58 gravityt59 gravityt60 gravityt61

So here’s some sample pictures taken indoors and outdoors.

gravityt62 gravityt63 gravityt64 gravityt65 gravityt66 gravityt67 gravityt68 gravityt69 gravityt70 gravityt71 gravityt72 gravityt73

gravityt1 gravityt2 gravityt29 gravityt19


The Gravity T isn’t a smart phone, but it’s as close as a ‘basic’ phone can get to one. it works very well, the touch screen is very responsive and the widgets are a nice idea.

The Gravity T is a great phone for messaging and multimedia, and just making phone calls, it has very good battery life and excellent call quality.

The phone seems like it wants to be just like Android, and that’s not a bad thing at all as the Android system works very well, so copying it is actually a compliment and it works well on the Gravity T.


+Good battery life
+Great keyboard
+Quick and responsive interface
+Android like interface
+Touch screen is very responsive and works well

-Bad camera
-No flash

Overall score-9-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-9-10

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